White bean soup

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This Tuscan White Bean Soup Recipe is packed with texture and taste! Made in just one particular pot and prepared in 30 minutes or significantly less, this Tuscan soup is a restaurant high quality dish you can very easily make from the comfort of your own house!

This submit was originally published in January 2015. I took new images, tweaked the recipe slightly and updated the post beneath to consist of much more data about this A single Pot Tuscan Bean Soup. Plus, I added a recipe video to show you how straightforward this white bean soup is to make!

Hi, close friends! What’s shaking?

I dunno what is going on with me lately, but I’m continuously exhausted… mind, physique & soul. Maybe there is anything in the air, or possibly it’s just all the cold climate, since it is not just me going through this fatigue.

Boy keeps complaining he is beat as nicely. You can most likely imagine, as a couple, we are rather gosh darn uninteresting at the minute.

But, perhaps we are just obtaining outdated.

Truly, I’m reasonably certain that is what’s taking place because I just discovered my very first two gray hairs. (

Whilst this soup didn’t give me everlasting energy (possibly I need to have a gobstopper), it definitely warmed my soul and happily filled my stomach.

This soup is excellent for all this crazy cold weather.

It’s great and light, filled with lots of protein, straightforward to put together and comes with each other quickly.

This Tuscan bean soup is silky and velvety in texture from the touch of cream, and if you puree it, from the beans as properly.

The diced and rendered bacon delivers salty, savory flavor and the addition of fresh rosemary provides earthy undertones.

The veggies include a depth of flavor and support you preserve up with your wholesome new year’s resolution, even though the parmesan cheese adds that final touch of love and Je-ne-sais-quoi.

What is Tuscan bean soup?

Tuscan bean soup is a rustic bean soup in the fashion of Tuscany.

Tuscan bean soups are usually manufactured up of cannellini beans, garlic, celery, carrots, onions and seasonings. Even though there are a ton of optional include-in’s, this kind of as kale, Italian sausage or potatoes, this Tuscan bean soup also attributes salty, crispy bacon for a touch of meaty richness.

What to serve with Tuscan soup?

Tuscan bean soup is normally served with toasted, crusty Tuscan bread, nevertheless you can serve this soup with any kind of artisan bread preferred.

Looking to turn this soup into a much more rounded meal? Here are some delicious serving choices for Tuscan bean soup:

  • Hearty salad – a kale based mostly salad would be a delicious pairing!
  • Grilled or sauted Italian sausage
  • Stuffed peppers or tomatoes
  • Lots of crusty bread – this soup tastes totally wonderful if served in a bread bowl!

How to serve Tuscan White Bean Soup?

There are three ways you can serve this soup, dependent on your mood:

  • Serve as is, chunky with the beans, bacon and veggies total and left intact.
  • Puree element of the soup to obtain a somewhat much more silky texture (this is what I did). There are two ways you can do this:
    • Immersion blender right into the pot and meticulously puree right up until sought after silky: chunky ratio is accomplished.
    • Remove part of the soup with a ladle or measuring cup and puree with the immersion blender or place eliminated portion of soup into a standing blender. Stir eliminated portion back into the pot.
  • Puree the complete soup, this will naturally yield the most silky, luscious texture. I did this to my left overs. Significantly great things.

Irrespective of how you serve this soup – rustic, slightly pureed and chunky, or silky smooth – a good drizzle of added-virgin olive oil and a heavy dusting of freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano is hugely suggested!

No matter how you pick to serve this, or how outdated you really feel, I can promise you will take pleasure in this soup and momentarily neglect about what ever is ailing you.

Until following time, Cheers and Enjoy!

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How to make the ideal Tuscan White Bean Soup with bacon recipe plus phase-by-step video

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