Impossible cheeseburger pie

Make the “impossible” possible with my Cheeseburger Pie with Bisquick recipe! You’ll be setting the table for a lovely, beefy pie molded into a perfect pie crust without having getting to touch a rolling pin!

Not possible Cheeseburger Pie with Bisquick tends to make dinner on one of people impossibly hectic weeknights doable on a tasty scale. Even though “impossible pie” to me implies one that materializes in thin air proper when the hunger bug strikes, this recipe is pretty darn near to currently being just that effortless.


A savory, beefy cheesy masterpiece that produces a tender crust, with out all the temperamental mixing and measuring you require to do for standard pastry, can be yours with just a number of kitchen staples, a content thought or two, and a sprinkling of a pixie, I imply, Bisquick dust.

Bisquick , that ubiquitous baking mix that tends to make biscuits and Saturday morning pancakes a snap, launched the “impossible pie” on the back of its boxes sometime in the 1970s. The premise was producing an “impossibly easy” dessert exactly where the Bisquick settled to the bottom in the course of the baking procedure and created its personal crust without having any want to fuss and battle with an actual pate brisee (French helps make “pie crust” sound much better, non?).




Needless to say, that very first extremely hard coconut pie was a hit, and Bisquick ran with it, introducing other desserts and savory recipes that would be adopted and adapted by residence cooks all over the place looking for yet another way to simplify supper time. A single of these recipes is this Bisquick Impossible Cheeseburger Pie, and it’s a favorite at my residence!

The dish actually is basic, virtually “impossible.” My edition is similar to Betty Crocker’s impossibly effortless cheeseburger pie, but mine has the added seasoning to make the filling even far more wealthy and flavorful, plus mine has a good cheesy topping.

The “meat” of the dish really is just that – a flavorful ground beef, seasoned with onions, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce (a requisite ingredient anytime I’m cooking with beef). This waits patiently in your pie plate to be covered with the “impossible” solution, which is simply a tiny Bisquick mixed with milk and eggs. It’s like a dense pancake batter that will slowly locate its way past all the flavorful beef and make a good reduce-capable crust. Yes, seriously.

If you’ve ever produced your very own pie crust, you know just how finicky the dough can be. The sum of water can differ by state, by the city, and even by the amount of moisture floating close to in your home. Unless of course you have some crazy keep track of for that type of issue, you’re generally at the mercy of some minute volume of water that could very easily send your pie crust into the soggy zone.

Why serve this in a crust at all? Nicely, it’s simpler to serve for 1 explanation, and the Bisquick not possible crust reminds me of a cross amongst an real pie pastry and a shorter, virtually biscuit-like merchandise. This functions really effectively with the beefy filling because it retains its structure but nevertheless absorbs some of the beefy goodness from the filling. Genuinely, nothing performs like the Bisquick does, so if you want to make cheeseburger pie with no Bisquick, you’ll have to pull out your flour, butter, and ice water and make a cheeseburger pie with pie crust.


Start off it off by preheating your oven, and combining the ground beef, onions, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper. Cook the beef by way of, right up until no longer pink. Take away any extra body fat and poof! You’ve acquired by yourself a filling. In a bowl, whisk with each other your topping crust components, and pour more than the filling. Sprinkle (or cover totally your choice) with cheese. Bake until finally golden (about 35 minutes)!

Be sure to comply with all foods safety freeze guidelines.

Pillsbury gives some fascinating options for shifting up the recipe a bit (and incorporating a few Pillsbury merchandise). The Pillsbury cheeseburger pie recipe puts an real pie crust on top of the beef prior to baking, type of like a beef pot pie. There’s also a model of cheeseburger pie with crescent rolls, both on leading or lining the dish as a makeshift crust. I really like crescent rolls, but the bottom crust in distinct just isn’t as significant as the filling demands. There’s also cheeseburger pie with biscuits, in which canned biscuits serve comparable duty, but again they don’t have that cakey crumb that works so nicely in this pie.

(If you need a gluten-totally free edition, skip the extremely hard batter and attempt this cheeseburger pie with mashed potatoes on best – basically a shepherd’s pie, or make the cheeseburger pie minimal carb by melting four tablespoons of cream cheese into the warm beef mixture and substituting 4 eggs and cup of heavy whipping cream for the not possible batter.)

Ain’t nothing like the actual factor, however, so undoubtedly attempt my version of the Bisquick cheeseburger pie just before you go off making this recipe your very own. I believe the flavors and textures function completely in this dish and will help you function a minor “impossible” magic in your personal kitchen!

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