How to make pho

In this video, you’ll discover how to make pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup created with beef broth and rice noodles. Find out tricks and strategies from Chef Eric of BaBar in Seattle. You’ll see how to prepare the beef bones for the broth. You’ll also get tips for adjusting the flavors of your pho. Get the recipe for Authentic Pho. For far more Welcome World Cuisine recipes and videos>>

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@Dannyrdgz: Did you use the oxtail? It will add texture to the broth. @MinnesotaMommy: I agree. The music is distracting. I locate it humorous the chef attributes his wheat allergy to his genes. Currently being from Ukraine I am genetically predisposed to eat wheat…yet it can make me sick.

Well I really like ginger, so I am going to try this!

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