Brine for turkey

This turkey brine recipe is the Best approach for producing the most flavorful Roasted Turkey you have ever had. With these step by step directions for how to brine a turkey, you will be a rock star this at your holiday meal with quite small effort on your component!

I don’t believe we can talk about Thanksgiving or Roasted Turkey with out talking about Alton Brown.

That man is a genius. I imply significantly, is there any recipe he has not mastered?!

When I am searching for a hands down winner, I turn to Alton’s techniques. I

So for that reason, when I was faced to cook a turkey the very first time on my own, I turned to Alton Brown’s strategy of brining a turkey prior to roasting.

Why Brine a Turkey?

Brining is the process of soaking meat in a salt water answer before cooking.

As the meat sits in the brine, it soaks up the salt water, which flavors the meat and adds moisture to the piece of meat.

Since turkey is not a flavorful meat on it’s personal, and also has a reputation of becoming a bit on the dry side, brining a turkey is a excellent resolution to generate a flavorful and moist primary course for your vacation meal.

How to Brine a Turkey

Alton Brown is a genius, but his recipes have a tendency to be complex or call for special tools.

I took his turkey brine recipe and transformed it up for the regular home cook. My approach for brining a turkey creates just as a delightful roast turkey as Alton Brown’s method, but saves you tons of funds.

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